What is Nigul?

The result of 20 years in the luxury hospitality industry. Our expertise are small & medium businesses and we share the same values with our clients: customer care

Nigul has been created to fullfill a gap in the hospitality industry, thinking about the needs of small hotels and restaurants with big hopes and there we are to help you out!

Boosting your perfomance

Let us help you make your business more successfull from redefining your online sales strategy, building up a new revenue management culture from scratch to manage and organize a new project you have in mind. Let's do it together!

Revenue Management


Project Management

Revenue Management Solutions


We bring the knowledge, so you can deliver. Taylored in-house training adaptated to your business needs. From one-day seminars


You'll never walk alone. Training + post-training follow-up consulting and assistance. Weekly, monthly and yearly review


Let's just give you a break by doing the hard work for you. Professional, confidential & customized revenue management adapted to your very business needs

Taylor-made solutions

You set the rules. We'll deal with it


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO continually makes website content and structure more effective whilst improving the quality and quantity of off-site signals that influence search engine rankings – such as media coverage, web links and social media.

NIGUL delivers the full suite of SEO services – from an initial audit of on-site and off-site problems and opportunities through to research, recommendations and ongoing optimisation. Using content-driven campaigns we can fully integrate SEO with all your digital and offline campaigns – helping you manage online channels in synergy with your broader marketing strategy. If you don’t have a broader strategy we can help with that too

Social Media Marketing

We are helping brands of the luxury hospitaity industry to manage their social media channels. Whether you’re looking for a complete online marketing strategy, or just periodic consultancy, our approach is always the same: Understand your needs, evaluate, create a strategy and implement it.

Fully-outsourced social media - Audit - Monitoring and response - Developing likes, tweets and social signals
Monitoring and reporting - SEO integration
Competitor analysis

Consultancy - Communication and engagement
Building fans and followers - Content generation and seeding
Social PR -Offline integration

Reputation Management

Have you Googled your brand lately? Why not try it now and see what customers see?

Complaints and negative comments in the first 3 pages of search results can turn off clients permanently. Many people search for a brand or website rather than typing the address – even if they already know the website they want. Others search specifically to see what other customers’ experiences have been.

Even if you’re already doing SEO, reputation management is a vital component of search strategy that is usually overlooked. It’s a very specialised and sensitive discipline best left to online reputation management professionals.

NIGUL specialises in online reputation management, from monitoring to recovery and ongoing management. We perform a comprehensive audit of your online environment, identify and resolve any existing negativity, then continually monitor the web to make sure it reflects the very best of your brand

Web Design

From little cafés to luxury boutique hotels, we create, design, build, host and support websites for a diverse range of clients across the hospitality sector,

Our focus at NIGUL is to generate the best return on investment for our clients. To enable us to do this we believe in using the best tools for the job.

We don’t think it’s enough to simply look good, your site has to deliver your core objectives, maximise your revenue and drive sales. So, whilst everyone else just concentrates on design, we concentrate on your business, your customers and your success

Project Management

Just make it happen

Organizing your ideas so that the project you imagine comes to live.

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